CMC UK- Meet the team

My name is Russ, I am currently Managing Director of CMC UK and probably the person you’ll speak to first. In the past I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the world’s largest brands as well as architects on major projects, overseeing a fleet of 1000 machines whist running sales, damage and services departments.

I grew up in near Brighton and still live on the sunny South Coast of England. I love traveling and motor bikes and am currently planning a motor cycle trip with friends along the west coast of Norway. This will incorporate both my love of bikes and travel, experiencing new cultures food and fun times. My claim to fame is that I once worked as a bingo caller and could be often found entertaining the blue rinse brigade most nights of the week in the Brighton and Hove area.

I have been working specifically in the access industry for the last 16 years. What I love about it is that I get to work with amazing machinery, real BIG boys’ toys! Every day is different and I really like to chat with people and find out what really makes them tick. If I’ve learnt anything from over the last few years, it’s not just about having a great product, although that helps, it’s also about service, support and working alongside our customers. This level of care has enabled me to establish CMC UK working with CMC lift, the biggest manufacturer of Spider lifts in the world.        

Hello I’m Pete, Technical Director for CMC UK. I look after all the machines we have out there and will be the person you need to speak too for anything from a LOLER service to ordering a new part. In the early days I did a 3-year engineering course as well as working as a Marine engineer working mainly on outboard motors. Then at the tender age of 19 I started work at an access hire company, that quickly grew into one of the largest nationally in the UK.

I grew up a village near Gatwick and have always lived in the South and my claim to fame is that I once won a Victoria sponge competition at a village fate against some stiff competition from the Women’s Institute. When I am not at work you can find me down at the dry dock renovating my 90’s classic power boat, where I spend most weekends tinkering. I am looking forward to finding out weather if floats! But I really fancy doing is taking my amateur Paragliding pilot licence.   

I have worked on most models of machines from all the manufactures and have seen how things have changed over the years. I worked on ‘pretty much’ the first spider lift brought into the UK in the late 80’s. I have extensive knowledge of under-bridge units, truck mounted platforms, self-propelled booms and scissor lifts. But I have now specialised working exclusively on the CMC range. Engineering is exciting and fast moving, its essentially problem solving on steroids. However, what gives me the most pleasure is trying to give our customers the best possible service that I can. Respectful relationships equal happy customers!

Hi I am Caroline, I look after everything marketing and communications related and am the newest member of the team. I spend my days working on the website, promoting our range of machines, posting exciting developments on social media as well as other office-based work.

I grew up in Lincoln in the East Midlands but have spent the last 25 years living and working on the South coast. I am a bit of an Art and Photography geek and have taught and led these subjects in various educational settings for the last 22 years.

Being a Teacher has helped me develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I am able to present and analyse large sets of complex data, synthesise findings and develop recommendations for action as well as deliver operational excellence and project management for large programmes. I also have considerable experience of working in support, advisory roles and leadership roles as part of a cross- functional team.

I have also have had various exhibitions of my own artwork and have a special interest in digital photography and fine art image making. I am into fitness and am a keen runner, my claim to fame is that I have run six marathons and an ultra marathon, raising over £5,000 pound for Cancer research UK.

I am now enjoying working alongside the marketing team in Italy for CMC the largest manufacturer of spiders in the world.