CMC S15 gallery

Welcome to the gallery showcase for the CMC S15. The machines in the LC series, Light and Compact, are the qualities that characterise this range of machines. The S23 is the last in this range and a true ‘all-rounder,’ demonstrating the CMC’s extraordinary engineering performance and technological knowledge. No wonder it’s one of our most popular machines.  

All the images you will see over these pages have been sent to us or shared via social media channels by our customers, enthusiastic to share their remarkable experiences with their new CMC machines. We feel it is important to collate these positive experiences and publish them on our website for you to view alongside the more technical details. Doing this will give you an insight into the how our customers are already using their machines, demonstrating their versatility across all industries as our customers put them to work in diverse environments. However, if you only take away one thing from these galleries, it will be the love our customers have for our products due to their simple and intuitive design, durability and ease of maintenance.