CMC UK News 14/08/22

Another successful ‘full handover’ of the ever popular CMC S18F to The Bristol Pest Controller. The CMC S18F is a full hydraulic platform that combines great efficiency with absolute simplicity of use and maintenance. CMC S18F stats: -Working height: 18M -Outreach: 11.2M -Cage Capacity: 230KG -Weight: 2495KG

CMC UK News – 7/08/22

A fabulous day for it too. Making hay while the sun shine’s in lovely Sussex, with a demo of the CMC S18F. Pete Loseby in the cage with the customer sharing hints and tips for safe and efficient working practices. CMC S18F Working height: 18M Outreach: 11.2M Cage capacity: up to 230KG Weight: 2.5T

CMC UK News 25/7/22

!!!!TIMA TRAILERS!!!! Everyone loves a delivery day! 6 TIMA trailers for our customers to marry up with their brand new Spiders. TIMA produce bespoke trailers for the CMC S22HD and S23, bringing their combined weight to below 3.5tons. This means that your machine fits well on the back and is safe and sturdy during transport.